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Home Types & Treatments Window Types And Styles Appropriate To Any Room

Window Types And Styles Appropriate To Any Room

We all know that there are different window types help you to improve your home either traditional or contemporary and each type of window has its practical uses (adding natural light to dark rooms, energy efficient, adding some decoration and design, etc.), but only the best choice of the window can fit your proper needs and can transform the old look of your room into too short a time.

This post will help you know Top 10 styles of windows used in homes today and tips for getting best choices of the window at budget friendly. To make it easy for you, take few minutes of your day to read this post and get best windows for home, and comparison from performance, design and cost.

TOP 10 Window Types – SUMMARY

  • Definitions.
  • Benefits and limits.
  • Other features.
  • Window installation and replacement.
  • Cost and prices.
  • Tips for getting clear choices of interior windows.

I- Casement window:

casement window

© Behance

1. What is it?

A casement window is a rectangular window that hinged on the left or right and opened by the turn of a crank handle. This window type is the best solution for everyone searching for best energy efficient windows as it enables cool breeze to enter your home, therefore, when it’s hot, you have the possibility to open a casement window in several ways then you get cool breeze in your home without worrying about high temperature in the summer, no more using too much cooling or heating hardware that spend your budget.

2. Where install the casement window?

Casement window installs in any part of the home in sight to maximize air flow and energy efficient, it may be suitable for installation in an area that not provides better ventilation such as the kitchen then you need to open a window when you’re cooking.

3. Features:

  • This window style offers excellent resistance and protection.
  • High energy efficient.
  • The opening control devices for safety.
  • Fully open Window.
  • Difficult to break into: casement windows have looks that seem hook-shaped integrated within the frame.
  • When you open your window about 49°, you can easily clean the exterior and interior of the window from inside your home.

Julie Biddle is a marketing manager from Vista Window Company presents a tutorial that explains why casement window mainly used in homes.

4. Cost:

Casement window cost:

casement window cost

The cost of casement depends on size, hardware options, nature of the material, labor rate, etc. If you have many different window types that require replacement, HDI Home Decor recommends to replace them at the same time to get a price reduction. The cost illustrated in this picture is general and estimable. For getting the exact prices, you may put the zip code in any calculator for getting cost window estimate corresponding to your rental:

casement window prices

II- Double hung window

double hung window

© Marvin

1. What is exactly?

A type of window consists of two sashes that slide vertically from top to bottom, an opening at the top that lets out heat and the opening at the bottom that allows fresh air to enter.

This style of window surprised me. I can tell you that while I started to use it for my house, I took some features that I’ve never seen before.

Before we start to discuss on double hung features, let me show you three reasons why I choose the double hung window to become one of my top 10 home window types:

#1. if you need to have an environmentally and friendly housing, you should take a look at the best of energy efficient windows. This label gives us information of how much the sun rays and the insulated glazing of this window.


double hung window performance

As you can see in this picture, we have three numbers, two numbers placed above which are for energy performance window ratings as telling us how is qualified in comparison of other window styles in the marketplace, and the number in the bottom which is for additional performance rating, that means it works best in different climates as you are located in cold or heat regions. By experiment, these numbers are the best window rating of energy efficient !!.


Make sure you purchase a certified window that respects all of these indicators.

#2. Once the double hung window has pure wood, don’t worry anymore about repainting after several years, also, before choosing the double hung window, pay attention to the nature of the material used in fabrication.

#3. The double windows are mostly used in the United States and Europe as they give a classic look to your home whatever its contemporary or traditional. You may able customize the double hung with several colors and styles from aluminum, wood, vinyl, etc.

2. Features:

  • Maximize airflow by opening both the upper and the bottom sashes.
  • Don’t worry anymore about window maintenance, by opening both the sashes; you can easily and quickly clean your window from inside.
  • Easy to repair, even if you need to replace some components, you can easily find them in the market thanks to its popularity and availability of these parts, not as other window types such as the Palladian window for example.
  • Two mobile thermos shutters.
  • Opening from top to bottom.
  • The pane opens using the latch side.
  • Two shutters slide inward for easy cleaning.
  • Mosquito screen.
  • Drainage system ensures the flow of water outwardly.

3. More benefits:

  • Made of lightweight wood.
  • Easy for replacement, since you have the possibility to remove both the sashes.
  • It does not require more space to your room.
  • Offering the excellent control of ventilation.
  • You always have the choice to raise the lower sash or lower the top sash, plus you can do it at the same time.

The single Hung window looks like a double hung window, but ONLY the lower sash that opens while the upper rests stationary.

4. Cost:

The cost of window and installation range around $ 450 to $ 600 depending on the size of the window. The expensive component of Double Hung is the wood, costs over $ 800 per unit.

III- Roof Window: Velux style:

window types

1. What is it?

A window designed to fit on the roofs, so-called skylight openings. The roof window is always prepared on the same plane as the roof, it offers the possibility of opening to the outside; provides better air circulation and contribution of light to rooms under the roof. Brand name Velux® (manufacturer of roof windows) is a term derived from the abbreviation of the two words “ventilation” and “lux” signifying both “light” because it allows the light to penetrate through the roof. One often used this window type for children’s rooms and office room.

By experiment, Velux style is the next generation of roof windows, not just is a window for relaxation and to take advantage of the daylight, but is a great opportunity for someone looking to breathe fresh air.

2. Benefits:

According to the thermal measurements, heat loss of a home is up to 30% by the roof, so it’s essential to use materials recognized for their quality. There are two reasons why Velux is the best window supplier of roof windows: provides high quality and reasonable price.

3. Cost:

About $ 700 – $ 3200, depending on the ceiling type, skylight model, etc.

So I covered 3 windows types. But what about 4?

IV- Bay & Bow window:

Bay & Bow window

© Ekstrax

1. Definition and characteristics:

A window composed of 3 parts (bay window) or 4, 5 or 6 parts (bow window) with multiple possibilities of Interior finish. They will present a remarkable brightness and provide an ideal place to growth your plants and flowers, and give you more space, very beneficial for the living room and bedroom, save energy and have a natural wood.

Bay and bow window know by larger space that add a great sunlight to enter the room, whatever you have a small space or limited exterior light, bay and bow window are the best energy saving windows, they increase the light penetrate your room and enable choice of multitude styles from traditional and modern designs.

2. Cost:

The cost depends on the type of equipment, nature of style, hardware options, and certain upgrades you might prefer such as wood, installation of copper roofing, etc.

bay window cost

Prices By Fixr

V- Palladian window (serliana):

palladian window in living room

1. What is exactly?

A Palladian window is a group of three bays (or triple), the central bay covered with a semicircular arch, and two side windows are covered with a lintel up to the impost. The side windows are usually narrower than the central bay.

2. Benefits:

  • Excellent design.
  • The best solution for the living room to make it larger.
  • Very durable window.
  • This window type offers a magnificent possibility to enter more light.
  • Improve the look of your home both outside and inside.
  • Offers the best treatment especially if you decide to use a long curtain.

3. Limits and cost:

  • The limit of that style is very expensive, principally the glass window: The cost of replacing the full window is cheaper than replacing just the glass.
  • It’s not the best choice to make an inexpensive improvement for the room.
  • Costs up the cooling price up, so it may be suitable to purchase a palladian window in the summer since when it’s so cold, their prices still growing.
  • Let’s too much light in there for heat; when it’s summer time, it lets a lot of extra heat in.

The cost of the Palladian window is more than $ 200 per window depending on the material quality is made from and the additional features, options, colors, etc.

VI- Awning window:

awning window

© Flickr

1. Definition and benefits:

A window hinged at the top, offers increased safety due to its multipoint locking mechanism. Easy maintenance, easy way to boost your ventilation, and great energy efficient. The opening of the bottom outward allows good air circulation and protects against water infiltration.

This type of window has a variety of exterior colors and styles, and each style of awning window has its particular features than other.

2. Cost:

Between $ 100 and $ 1100, depending on window size and the type of hardware such as aluminum frame, frame material, wood window, glazing type, etc.

VII- Sliding window:

sliding style window

© Homebunch

1. Definition and Benefits:

A sliding window is a window that slides horizontally and characterized by an opening on the left and the right. Ideally located in the kitchen and small spaces, a genuine opening to your garden or balcony, and a good supply of light to your room.

2. Cost:

If you’re looking for an inexpensive window, that’s the type of window that will fit your needs.

sliding window cost

VIII- Transom windows:

transom windows

1. What is exactly?

A window located above the window to diffused more illumination to your room and it can be an opening window to maximize air flow.

Transom windows are typically above the doors and rectangular, but that does not mean they have no interest and no performance, many people believe this story but let me tell you, you may use transom windows to dress up your doors, or use them to help air circulate your room. This type of window has many benefits and features in regards to design, functionality, and cost. Also, I wrote an article that would be a great knowledge for you even if you wish to one day buy it.

2. Features:

Transom window performs some benefits:

  • Easy to install.
  • A multitude of window collections and designs.
  • The best solution for adding diffused light to your room.

3. Cost:

The price starts around $ 125 to $ 375 for a standard size window. The installation costs between $ 200 and $575.

IX- Tilt and turn window:

tilt and turn window

1. What is exactly?

A window opened easily to the inside by maneuvering the handle, has a full-screen tilting for ventilation that locks in the bottom for security, and ability to enter the air from the outside.

2. So, What about features?

Tilt and turn window is for small energy efficient, since by tilting the sash, you have the possibility to open it about 30 cm inwards then allows entering the air flow. Also, this type of window may use as emergency exists and for room needed some ventilation, another feature of tilt and turn window is the easiest for cleaning, you can easily clean it outward and inward from inside.

2. Cost:

About $ 700 – 1200 $. The most problem of tilt and turn window is the installation cost, it can be more than $ 1000 per window, in this case, It may be suitable to choose a company that offers exceptional discounts for a small budget.

X- Stationary window:

stationary window

© Flickr

1. What is it?

This window by definition is a closed and fixed window. It brings brightness and beauty to your home. It is therefore little easy to install curtains that would modulate the entry of light.

2. Features:

  • More brightness.
  • Heat gain in winter the sun’s rays strike the glass surface resulting in a contribution of comfortable and free heat.
  • Less risk of overheating in summer.

stationary window

The majority of homeowners I know prefer to use the stationary window with glass shelves for decoration by placing some plants and flowers, this idea is great because you add some natural look especially in the kitchen and especially when dear mom’s work maybe doesn’t have a garden outside.

As our goal is to make happy our moms and homeowners when they are at home, these decorating ideas work 100% for traditional and modern rooms because it brings an original look and absolutely, you can install your pots and pans above as this picture display.

glass shelves in stationary window

3. Cost:

In fact, a closed window is less expensive than an opening window. It cost between $ 150 and $ 650 per unit.

Comparison between window types:

Functionality Performance, Cost And DesignWhich One Is Best?
Better ventilation and good air circulationCasement window
High installation and replacement costPalladian window
High rating performance: energy efficientDouble hung window
Excellent resistance and protectionCasement window
Easy cleaningDouble hung window
very durable windowPalladian window
Easy for replacementDouble hung and gliding window
The smallest oneTransom windows
Not budget-friendlyPalladian window
The largest oneBow window
Enter more light to your roomRoof windows: Velux style
Make small space look biggerBay and Bow window
Compatible for small roomTransom windows
Appropriate for bedroomBay window
For bathroomStationary window
For living roomPalladian window
For kitchenStationary and Casement window
Expensive window parts and componentsPalladian window

Before you buy a window!!

  • The one thing you have to remember as my friend Bob said is that prices vary from California to Oklahoma to Pennsylvania and especially NYC.
  • Prices of all different window types vary by the brand, so choosing verified manufacturers help you reduce the price.
  • The style of window is not actually important since all window manufacturers have the same styles, but the most important is getting best deals at affordable prices.
  • Best brands in the USA are Andersen windows and Jeld-wen windows.
  • Well if you start out with a small window, you can always change it but if you go back to a smaller window, it will costs more.
  • Price of window varies by sizes, and depends on the quality and personal wants.
  • The most important is Well people like the windows. When they first get them and I heard some say they wish they never had.
  • An important thing you should know is up to 25 % of heat loss from leaky windows. That means renovating the windows is a priority to enhance thermal insulation and acoustic comfort. However, there are many factors to be taken into account.

TOP 10 Window Types and Styles – Infographic:

This infographic resume and shows all different window types we’ve learned in this post, you can embed it for your website.


window types

I hope that you get more details about window types. If you enjoyed it, I want you to do one thing: Leave a comment to let me know

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