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Home Types & Treatments Window Treatment Ideas, Curtains & Valances Under $23

Window Treatment Ideas, Curtains & Valances Under $23

Is it true you do not find a clever window treatment ideas that meet your wants? or you think it blows your budget? Whatever the type of window (Bow window, single hung, casement or roof windows) that you would like to treat, you need not spend more money or do a long search to make a window treatment.

Curtains are the decoration of your windows; they bring a real personal touch to your interior used to preserve the privacy of the room, but it’s also a good way to add a splash of color.

Before you treat your window, the curtains must hang like that:

window treatment ideas by hanging the curtains

Are you ready? so let’s do it…

DIY Window Treatment Ideas – SUMMARY

  1. 7 DIY treatment ideas under $ 23.
  2. 2 Cleaver treatment more than $ 23.
  3. Before you buy a fabric.
  4. Quick and smart tips to choose curtains “No shared Before”.

I- Faux roman shade:

Window treatment ideas by using a Faux Roman shade

© Flickr

Faux roman shade is the most popular treatment for modern homes, has several options:

  • Natural fabrics.
  • Heat-Resistant.
  • An energy efficient.
  • A multitude of styles and colors.

What makes this shade “faux”?

Because the draped layers are created by strategically placed tension rods! It looks like an expensive custom shade but is simple and easy to make. Sarah has a magnificent way to make a Roman Shade on a small budget!

II- Writing on the curtains (Script curtains):

window treatment ideas with Script curtains

The easiest and the stylish way is to write a poem or a favorite song lyrics on your window curtain, it can help you to save your money, time and effort to embellish your window. Make sure that:

  • Before writing a text in the curtain, put pencil lines to make writing more readable.
  • For this treatment, you can use white muslin (5$ a yard). If you have other colors, make sure they combine the decoration of your room.

These are 8 Top Color combinations:

color combination for window treatment


III- Coffee Sack Curtains:

cheap window treatment using a Coffee Sack Curtains, under $23

When Donna from Funny Junk Interiors uses the coffee sack curtains to decorate her window, she choose that style NOT ONLY because it’s perfectly rustic Burlap, but added stamped graphics makes this style more sophisticated and more decorative.

It looks like an inexpensive DIY used for kitchen, in fact, she mentioned on her website that spending ONLY $ 7, also she made the treatment for three windows located in the kitchen truly cost $2 per window x 3, including hardware.

IV- 3 DIY window treatment ideas by using a valance:

valance treatment ideas

© Flickr

Do you want your curtains cover the windows to prevent light from getting inside your room in the morning?

A valance is a type of window treatment that accomplishes this mission, dress up above the window, It gives an effect of design when it associate with curtains adorned with a variety of accessories that provide a finishing touch to your interior decoration.

Why we choose a valance?

When using the valance that adorns the top of the window to answer a question of aesthetics, it is preferable that does not drop below the third frame of the window. This treatment will be more suitable for classic style, use it to treat your living room window or to give charm and character to your bedroom.

The valance can also hide some elements as:

  • Curtain rods and rails.
  • Casing shutters (Roller shutters), etc.


  • Try to avoid installing a valance if the ceilings are low.
  • When you’ll install it, make sure that the valance does not stop the window opening.

1) The use of cardboard:

window treatment ideas by using a cardboard

When Diane from In my own style needs a stylish window valance to design her Studio office, she found that the cardboard from a large appliance box is the best solution on a friendly budget.

In fact, it requires just the purchase of 1-2 yards of fabric and quilt batting, she uses fire-engine-red corduroy to treat the cardboard and a red for printer top, let it dry.

You can download the PDF file to discover all instructions to make a best and inexpensive cardboard valance treatment. Check out: All instructions you need to make a cardboard valance

2) Super no-sew valance treatment at least 20 minutes

super no-sew valance treatment ideas just in 20 minutes

When Corey from Remodelaholic search for the greatest way to make easy no-sew window valance, she found this treatment added a pop of color to her little girl’s window. Corey has finished making this sheet of the damask crib to ruffled valance at least 20 minutes without wasted time, effort and money.

3) The Use of Paper Garland Valance:

window treatment ideas using a paper garland valance

Photo By HGTV

If you need to treat your window valance with a little of material, HDI Home Decor has a beautiful and fascinating idea inspirited by Paula from CountingYourBlessings.com. The first part, Paula has selected several books based on the size that she would like to have it for the Garland, she used to carry out this project a Paperback books (is a type of book characterized by a thick paper or paperboard cover) that gives a good size for smaller garlands.

Don’t worry about how many books you should use to create a unique and low-priced valance, Paula says that you should use maybe 400 pages for 4 garlands.

V- 2 fabulous window treatment ideas for a living room more than $23:

The living room is often the main room in the house where the family likes to stay together for relaxing. It is necessary that the decoration of the latter corresponding to the family taste. We want the decoration of living room reflects the atmosphere that characterizes the house.

Window treatment by using white curtains:

window treatment: white and long curtains for living room

When I visit Meredith blog via artsandclassy.com, I found a special treatment for a living room that inspired me today, and the reason that makes me prefer this idea is the way the designers use colors, great furniture selection and also the use of a single greatest curtain for two windows, one located at the top and the other at the bottom, they give a unique touch and homogeneous look for living room.

Window treatment by using an orange covering:

window treatment ideas, orange curtains give unique touch for the living room

© Mandyjeanchic

What do you think about this orange covering?

This window treatment gives a wonderful look for home. The correct use of color as the use of orange curtains, especially if you use this color for the first time helps you to restore life to the living room.

VI- Window treatment ideas by using candy canes:

christmas window treatment ideas

When I’m searching for some idea to gives a special look to my living room, I found a ridiculous idea inspired by good housekeeping. The use of candy canes to treat a window adds an excellent design to your room; it livens up a bough-decked window and enters the happiness to your family.

VII- Before you buy a fabric:

After you choose the window treatment that suits your personal choice, these are some tips and ideas help you know the quality of the FABRIC:

1) Take your home decor into consideration:

If the piece is formal, try to go with a look more suitable, if it’s romantic, use of net curtains, and soft fabric. For an office very male, you can even choose some curtains looking leather.

2) Durability and quality of fabric:

The quality of the fabric is one of the most factors you should take into consideration since we all know that the fabric can be damaged over time due to the sun especially in the summer, therefore, it can generate a performance hit and bad energy efficient.

To make it easy for you, these are few tips before you start doing any project:

A. The number of threads of the fabric is the main factor of the quality and performance. To select the best fabric, you need to take a look on:
  • Raw materials.
  • The place of fabrication.
B- If your climate known by the sudden change of the temperature, try to use 100% cotton; Comfort, softness, and lightness. Suitable for all seasons since it takes the temperature of the body.

3) Correlation between the nature of fabric you choose and the climate in your region:

We all know that there are many colors and patterns of fabric help you enhance the decoration of your room, but the most important is which one save more energy and protect against the heat loss.

Whatever the type of treatment you use, I recommend the use of insulated curtains or valance, because it enhances the comfort by preventing heat enter your room especially for the heat regions, and vice versa for cold regions.

4) Which color of the fabric is better to use?

If you find yourself preoccupied about what color of fabric harmonious with your desire, I suggest that you do this TEST by putting near your face 2 fabrics, one gold, and one silver. If it’s gold that suits your personal choice, it means that you should wear warm colors, and if it’s Silver, try to use cold colors.

VIII- Quick Tips to choose curtains:

Window curtains should not be neglected. In a few lighted rooms, we prefer, as for the walls, colors to be relatively clear. No need to choose white at any piece of your room, you may also opt for colored curtains, providing that you do not take the darkest shades.

If the style of your room and your own wishes are affordable, try to use brilliant curtains, available in many colors, they catch the light and give an impression of clarity.

Finally, you need to consider curtains as an option since they are often transparent and filter the light in order to keep your room balanced between diffusion of light and save energy.

Another nice point if you want to illuminate your inside: It is preferable to avoid using adhesive films or blade blinds, which tend to obscure the light.

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