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Home Replacement & Cost Window Glass Replacement: 8 Smart Steps & Glass Solutions

Window Glass Replacement: 8 Smart Steps & Glass Solutions

The window glass replacement is always a delicate operation that requires time, effort and money to do in a professional and proper manner. So Today we will learn in this post 8 smart steps to replace a window answering to question how to replace a broken window saving time, money and effort. Please note that before you begin, it is imperative to use thick gloves to protect yourself for handle it without apprehension.

Let’s do it…

Easy steps to make a window glass replacement

I- Preparation of the new window glass:

  • Disassemble the casement.
  • Remove the remaining pieces.
  • Clean the window rabbet.
  • Take measurements.
  • Apply the new putty.

II- Installing the new glass:

  • Insert the glass in the frame.
  • Finishing and painting.

Before you start:

For glazing large, difficult to handle, it is advisable and suitable to call a professional.

take measures to make the window glass cut to size

Before you make the purchase, take measures before cutting the glass. If you are a handyman, you can do it easily, it’s simple.

Be sure you choose a fairly thick glass to resist shock and manipulation.

After you choose the glass that will fit your needs, perform the following steps to make a nice and easy replacement.

I- Preparation of the window glass replacement:

1) Disassemble the casement:

disassemble the casement for proceeding the window replacement

© Finemedia

To perform the task with efficiency, working flat for easy installation of new glass:

  • If you find that space between the casement and the ceiling doesn’t allow removing the casement, unscrew the hinges to remove it.
  • Keep it open, perpendicular to the window frame.
  • Slide it upward so that the casement out of its hinges by using both hands.
  • Unfold the trestles and put the flat casement top.

2) Remove the remaining pieces of glass:

remove the remaining pieces of the window glass

© Finemedia
  • Put on the thick gloves.
  • Secondly, remove large pieces of broken glass gently and continuously you approach the putty to take off in the same period.
  • If you have some difficulty removing the pieces using a hand, you can use a clip point putty knife and a glazier hammer.

3) Clean the window rabbet:

clean the window rabbet

© Finemedia

brush the rabbet using a wire brush

  • Remove nails with a pincer or pliers if it is easy.
  • Clean the window rabbet by removing the rest of putty with the putty knife; remove the traces of the putty with a chisel.
  • Brush to the rabbet using a wire brush.
  • Coat the rabbet by linseed oil if the wood window dry.

4) Take measurements of the window glass:

Take measurements for proceeding to the window replacement

Once you remove the pieces of glass and before installing, Is necessary to take specific measures, avoiding any breaking.

Instructions and techniques to obtain real measures of the glass without mistakes or replacement issues:

  • The first one is to equip yourself with a tape measure.
  • The second one is to take two width measurements at each end of the frame.
  • Thirdly is to proceed the same instruction to the height of the glass, do not forget to note measurements.
  • Finally, take the smallest measures and deduct exactly 2 mm to be sure that the glazing will be installed in their place without forcing.

If you already have a few window glasses, you have that to make a straight cut while keeping in mind the previous instructions.

5) Apply the new putty:

apply the new putty for window glass replacement

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  • Before you apply the putty, you must put a little putty in the palm of your hand; make it homogeneous, slightly sticky and easily droppable in the rabbet, and then forming a thin cord.
  • Proceed the same step until you end the putty application on all edges.
  • Smoothing putty is a delicate operation performed with a special putty knife type “clip point”, if you don’t have it, you can use a scraper. Removes the surplus of putty and proceed to possible additions.

II- Installing the new window glass:

1) Insert the glass in the frame:

Insert the window glass in the frame for replacement

© Finemedia
  • Move it by pressing the edges to crush mastic.
  • Insert it gently in the frame.
  • Plant two glazing points per side. Proceed carefully so as not to crack the glass. Drag the head of the glazier hammer horizontally and slowly as shown the picture above.
  • It is necessary that the nails don’t transgress the window rabbet for they do not bother the laying of the putty.
  • Use the putty knife to form again putty and place them all around.
  • Work on a regular basis so that the putty is equally distributed. At the corners, use a special putty knife type «clip point» helps you complete the task.

2) Finishing, cleaning and painting:

Finally, let dry the putty in a few days of cleaning and painting the window.

a) Clean the new window glass:

clean the new window glass after replacement

© Finemedia
  • When you clean the glass, always keep in mind that cleaning is always from top to bottom and left to right.
  • If you prefer to use a squeegee, there are two professional techniques can help you; The French technical and the American technical.

b) Painting the window:

Method for painting the rectangular or square window

techniques to paint a sliding window interior and exterior

  • Before proceeding to the window paint, keep in mind that all window types do not design the same way.
  • Paint the inside (In interior) then the window frame (for sliding window).
  • Use the color paint that allows the wood to breathe while opposing the penetration of moisture.
  • Be cautious that the paint not to spill on the window glass. To do this, cut a piece of strong cardboard; Paste and mask it to the window glass along the putty.
Also, make sure that you have the right tools you need to facilitate the window glass replacement:

1) A meter (At amazon for 5$)

A meter

2) Glazier hammer(Maybe 20$)

Glazier hammer

3) Putty knife(4$)

Putty knife

4) Nails (7$)


5) Putty mastic (5$)

Putty mastic

6) Protective gloves (5$)

Protective gloves

7) Pliers (3$)


8) Small flat brush (1.5$)

Small flat brush

9) Trestles for the window (7$ both)

Trestles for the window

10) Clip Point Putty Knife (8$)

Clip point putty knife

11) Wire brush (6$).

wire brush for cleaning window rabbet

After you replace the window glass, you have to choose wonderful window treatments that beautify your sweet home. Check out: Window Treatment Ideas

HDI Home Decor answer to some questions:

#1. Which company is good to repair and replace the window glass?

I think that if you have just a simple broken, you can replace it by yourself, it’s simple and not take the time, but if you have big types of windows such as palladian, difficult to handle, we think that the Glass Doctor is the best for you. It saves you the money and time to replace your window restoring your home and energy efficiency. Check out Glass Doctor

#2. How much does it cost to replace a small glass window?

The cost depends on m2 of the window:

  • Glass replacement costs $3 – $14/m2. Pi.
  • Hiring a handyman to install glass costs $100 – $300.
  • Replacement the frame that holds the glass (sash) costs $40 – $250 (vinyl).

For more details on the window replacement cost, you can see HomeAdvisor; it can help you make a great choice.

#3. Should I consult a professional glass repair agency to fix my broken window or go for DIY techniques?

If you have just a simple window glass replacement, you can do it by yourself or call a professional DIY, but if you have a glazing large, we think that it’s beneficial to consult a professional glass repair agency to fix your broken window.

#4. What is preferable: repair or replace broken windows glass?

Houselogic has a guide to help you decide what is the best decision for you by giving you tips and ideas to repair or replace a broken window.

Finally, I wish you to understand the tips and techniques to replace a window, while that there are several ways to do this, but HDI Home Decor provides the better way to do it alone, saving the time, money and effort.

I think you have a question or maybe another quick way to replace the glass, share with us your ideas and opinions by leaving a comment bellow.

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HDI Home Decor
HDI Home Decor goal is helping dear homeowners to get clear choices of windows. By using our home windows guide, you can very quickly improve your home saving money, time and effort.


  1. I agree that when it comes to replacing windows you need to have very accurate measurements. It makes sense how a window that is installed to fit perfectly can provide protection from water and wind. I would want to make sure I hire someone who is capable of doing their job right the first time and that could help me replace my window in an efficient way.

  2. I’ve been cleaning up glass pieces for the past two hours. The neighbors kids hit a ball into our window and busted a few vases with it. I wasn’t mad, I was just upset that I had to clean it all. Now I also have to find window replacement business and soon. My family is coming up this weekend so hopefully, I can get it fixed by tomorrow.

    • HDI Home Decor

      Thanks for your comment Audrey, you can fix it easily especially if it’s a small window, for a large window such as Palladian, if you do not have any carpentry skills, it may be suitable to consult a professional. Thanks for your nice story :), we’d like to visit us again soon!!

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