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Home Types & Treatments Transom Windows, Full Details & Ideas You Need To Know

Transom Windows, Full Details & Ideas You Need To Know

Howdy HDI Home Decor readers. Today, we will start a little discussion together on a type of window that offers many benefits to improving your home, for everyone want to begin his project in small cost to save budget and to get a good-quality window for performance. If you’re unhappy with your window appearance or maybe your current window doesn’t allow additional light and energy benefits, and you need a type of window that will fit your needs, transom windows can fulfill this mission.

I) What is a transom window and why choose it?

transom windows
Elizabeth Herrmann architecture – Photo from Houzz

Transom windows (Named narrow windows) are small horizontal windows designed with a multitude of shapes (square, arch, rectangular, semi-circular or fanlights, quarter circle, half circle, triangle, etc.) placed above the doors (double doors, French doors, etc.) or over the window to allow more light and provide additional ventilation due to their small size located in an upper the floor level. Transom window can be either opening window outward or inward, or stationary (fixed window) can’t be opened or closed.

This type of home windows very know that is the great choice for cold and hot regions since give some circulation air in the summer even if your doors locked for privacy, they add more light to front hallways enter more natural energy to your rooms.

II) Benefits and features:

Here are some benefits and features encourage you to think about having them:

#1. They offer the possibility to beautify your glass with different of colors, Arts and craft styles.

Transom windows aren’t as other window types and styles, they have the largest collections of styles and designs, most of that, you can embellish your window by yourself with your proper design. Also, this type of window doesn’t require professional techniques or long experience to decorate them.

transom windows designs and colors

transom windows design

#2. Easy to make and suitable for DIY.

#3. Give you the option to add ventilation to your room if you need it:

All not transom windows are operable windows, opening window expel hot air to escape and leave naturally and let the cooler air penetrate your home during a summer night, so your biggest problem of sleeping in hot weather will not come anymore. Stationary transom window can be the right choice during the winter, will let’s heat between rooms and allows more natural energy, but doesn’t allow any natural ventilation.

#4. Large windows to add more light to your space.

#5. They are compatible with the almost type of glass.

Many transom windows made from stained glass, which means a type of glass has a multitude of designs and patterns colored and employed to form decorative. Big homes often used double glass to minimize noise due to their large surface.

#6. You may also use for areas which doesn’t receive too much air movement for better air circulation:

Many households have several problems of air circulation, even if your room doesn’t get a good circulation, a room with poor circulation may prevent air to flow smoothly and evenly throughout the other rooms. Most experts think that improper air circulation can decrease the efficiency of heating and make it ineffectual.

#7. They can give the illusion of added height and space look bigger regardless of having a low ceiling.

III) Transom windows hardware:

As as other window types, they have hardware options and components. Each form of this window has specific components and hardware options depending on window performance, opening or stationary window, made from wood or aluminum, architectural style as Japanese or standard style, etc.

1) latches:

A hardware option allows closing and opening, available in a multitude of finishes.

transom windows latches

A- Pewter latch.

B- Antique nickel.

C- Oil-rubbed bronze.

D- Polished brass.

E- Weathered bronze.

2) Operators.

transom windows operators

3) Hinges.

transom windows hinges

4) Hook.

transom windows latch hook

5) Chain.

transom windows chain

IV- How to make a clear choice of transom windows combining low cost and good window quality?

They are small windows meaning that price is appropriate for everyone to start with a small project. According to the variation of styles, patterns, sizes, hardware options, the cost ranges from $120 – $ 375 only for full windows, installation not included.

What is the most expensive part of full transom windows?

When I’m searching for the answer of this question, HDI Home Decor find that the most expensive part is the hardware options, for example, latch, pole, and hook cost both from $ 60 to $ 100, depending on quality of options, maybe you may find them a lower price or conversely, we know that aluminum transom window pole with hanger and hook is more expensive than white bronze, but the most important is what manufacturer you select, good manufacturer gives you a clear choice but don’t let him choose a window because you know better what do you need and what type of window makes you comfortable. If you take my opinion, andersenwindows is the largest manufacturer in North America.

What cost of installation?

The cost of transom windows installation ranges from $50 – $100, which means:

Installation + full window price= $ 170 – $ 475, no including fees, taxes, labor costs, upgrades for a wood window, etc.

Otherwise (anyway), to make it easy for you, if you have some carpenter techniques, actually you have possibility to save your money, because the installation sequence can be completed at least one hour and a half in new construction, the installation of this window doesn’t require special materials, perhaps the material you need to fabricate the jamb frame cost about $10 – $20. It may be suitably working with a team of 2 or 3 people. If you don’t have any carpenter skills; it may be appropriate working with a professional.

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