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Home Types & Treatments Transom Window Coverings, The Best Out of Your Budget

Transom Window Coverings, The Best Out of Your Budget

An extremely challenging window treatment that most people are concerned about is transom window coverings. A transom window is one when a smaller window is mounted on top of a larger window; it brings in a lot of natural sunlight and adds to the warmth and merriness of the room. The transom windows come in various sizes and shapes with extremely tricky dimensions and decorating them is a real challenge.

While decorating the transom windows, one has to keep in mind the privacy, excess sunlight, and other factors that might affect the room’s setting and purpose. If there is no view problem and excess sunlight issue, these windows can be left open but from a decorative perspective, it leaves a whole new issue.

Transom Window Coverings:  Types and New Models

transom window coverings

When it comes to dressing your transom windows, there are many options available which will be discussed below.

1. Fabric valances:

fabric valances

The main advantage of dressing your window with fabric valances is that everyone is can be of a different fabric and style, resulting in unique appearances that suit the theme of the particular room. From the outside, these clothes look same because you have the opportunity to line up each valence in a similar white or off-white cloth. From the inside, however, you can make use of a formal fabric and style that will go best with the master bedroom.

For your child’s room, you can choose a colorful and fun fabric that will bring joy into your child’s heart. The general rule to remember is that bright fabric will make your room feel warmer by insulating the windows. To make the best out of custom window coverings, get in touch with a local designer or fabric maker that have the reputation of providing amazing ideas regarding style and fabric material.

2. Sheer stirred coverings:

Sheer stirred transom coverings

Gathered sheer fabric, shirred and stretched on rods placed at the bottom and top of the transom window gives the whole appearance at traditional vibe. This sheer fabric will allow a particular level of filtered light to enter through the blind while still preserving the room environment by blocking harmful ultraviolet rays. This type of covering works best on transom windows that are taller than usual.


3. Matching blinds:

Matching blinds

For a contemporary and uncluttered look, you can install matching blinds made of wood, plantation shutters, sheer silhouette shades or cellular shades on your window which have the same color and finishing with the wooden blinds placed below. Even the remote control window blind coverings are available that allow you to raise or lower the veins of the shed to allow just the right amount of light to come through.


4. Window film:

transom window film

This is perhaps the easiest and most simple way to transform your transom window. For example, if a sheer tinted plastic film is used as a coating on the window glass, then it acts as a blocker of light in a way that is quite similar to those sunglasses. The window film not only keeps your room appropriately lit but also protects your furnishings against harmful rays of the sun. Many users love this option because it doesn’t cause my changes to the overall visuals and windows look the same, of course with the added tint.

Mistakes To Dress Up Transom Windows

Some of the common mistakes that people make while addressing and treating transom windows are actually general errors, and not mistakes that would be particular to this type of window.

  • Lack of research on fabric quality and their impact leads to disappointing results.
  • Not having a specific budget and going overboard on aspects like hiring a decorator and buying the necessary accessories.
  • Installing incorrect film in the window glass that either block excessive light or let’s do much of light to shine through.
  • Incorrectly mixing and matching the covering fabric that either heats up the room too much due to excessive insulation or makes the room feel cold due to lack of insulation.

Transom window coverings: Tips and Suggestions

Transom windows framed by drapery panels with extra length. Placing a drapery rod above the transom window visually raises the height of the ceiling because the view goes vertical right to the top without any visual barrier. Drapery rods look perfect when they are placed just above the molding of the highest window. The length from the uppermost point of the drapery rod to the point just above the floor is measured and thus allows the drapes to just hover over the flooring without touching the flooring surface.

A transom window can be decorated in these various ways to provide extra beauty and elegance to our rooms and are no more a problematic area when it comes to interior decoration.

Additional window treatment ideas:

stained glass transom window

One of the most beautiful ways to make a great transom window coverings would be the use of stained glass. Drawings, paintings, and sceneries can be depicted according to taste to add to the elegance of the room. Stained glass adds warmth, depth, and color to the room without sacrificing natural sunlight.

Fitting stained glasses can give a perfect fit and desired look to the transom window. However, stained glass windows are way too expensive (it’s an expensive art form), so an alternative method can be tried to provide the same effect. For giving a vintage and soft appeal complete with the look of nearby glass cabinet doors and nearby decorative items within the space, etched or frosted glass can be used for transom windows. It is cost effective and gives a pleasant view, and light is not entirely blocked off.

Vinyl window clings in varying patterns are used to imitate colored leaded glass. For installing these clings, vinyl is cut to size leaving a slight overhang. Window cleaner is sprayed on the glass, and the vinyl is positioned. Bubbles are smoothed out if any with a plastic squeegee and the edges is trimmed with a straight-edge blade to create a custom fit.

Image Reference: Houzz

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