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Home Types & Treatments Single Hung Window Vs Double Hung – Which One Is Best

Single Hung Window Vs Double Hung – Which One Is Best

Double hung and single hung window, what is the difference and which one has more options and features? Today, HDI home decor discuss on several characteristics and measures to select the hung window that will fit your needs for making an easiest and clear choice that harmonize the decoration of your home.

In the last post Window Types & Styles: Top 10 Designs In Homes Today, we have discussed on double hung window and some features as costs, benefits, and we have expressed that the only difference is the single hung window opens when you move the lower sash while the sash bottom cannot move or tilt, it remains fixed, on the other hand, the double hung window can be opened, tilted and closed which allows for easy cleaning and better ventilation.

So today we will focus on other differences as cost and repair, sizes, parts and which one provides an easiest clean, energy and more.

Let’s go…

Double and single hung window. The differences in cost, functionality and quality

I- What is a single hung window:

single hung window

© Milgard

A type of window has a two sashes, the top sash is stationary and fixed, but the bottom sash is easy to move up and down which provides durability and easy for window glass replacement.

II- Double and single hung window repair:

Window repair is an operation to restore part deformed because of the duration, improving performance and spending less money than purchasing the new window.

Sometimes we need to repair our windows avoiding the window replacement cost or installation, certainly, using an estimator or getting the best deals help you having more details to make a clear choice of hung windows.

These are solutions for some problems who facilitate the window repair for quick results as though you have carpentry skills.

Poorly prepared surface and high rate humidity of woodScraping, cleaning, drying, sanding and painting
Too much paintWindow stripping
InsectsTreatment of insecticide or replacement
Bad maintenanceEpoxy injection
Water infiltration due to poor support inclinationCorrection of the inclination of the support
Broken cableReplacement cable
Deformation of framesReplacement of tiles

If you have another issue, Amscowindows is a YouTube channel that gives you all instructions you need to repair your hung window for getting the replacement balance springs.

III- Single hung window Parts:

single hung window parts

Specifications and parts depend on the type of the window you purchase and about additional options added by the producer.

So it’s necessary that your vendor identifies to you all window options and gives you features of each part. Each type of window has a product label that contains a unique identification number, for example, if you have Andersen hung window, you can find product ID in the head jamb as this picture shown:

single hung window label

IV- Single hung window sizes:

Standard window sizes:

single hung window sizes

Andersen® windows provide 100 series that meets your needs for any room where you want to install it, besides, you can choose transom, half circle over single hung and more combinations.

single hung window types

single hung window types

All forms of this type are available as a rectangular or with arched tops. Also, you can get some custom sizes in 1/8” increments.

single hung window sizes

single hung window

single hung window sizes

V- Single hung window cost:

Every homeowner should make a correct decision to purchase or replace the window that’s why is necessary to know and understand the type of window that combines terms of the economy, functionality and availability to find inspiration for window treatments.

In fact, this type of window is frequently used for old homes and less expensive, of course because double hung window has two sashes slides up or down while the single hung rest no operable in the top sash.

The single hung window cost still affected by different factors: the vendor (company, third party), window size, additional costs of a wood framed, nature of the hardware, decorative quality, transport cost and more.

The average price: about $ 100 – $ 200 per unit.

Average of installation: around $ 75 – $ 100.

When we come to the second window, you’re very quickly wanted to purchase single hung window in term of cost, but in term of functionality, HDI Home Decor has another answer 🙂

VI- What is a double hung window:

double hung window

© Flickr

Is a window has an upper and lower sash offers the ability to open each window, and more that, it allows to tilt the sash for easy cleaning, better air, and ventilation.

Other features of double hung window:

  • Not require material for cleaning.
  • Option to acquire energy Glass.
  • Removable mosquito net out of fiberglass with aluminum frame.
  • Two locks added for security.
  • High frame quality.

VII- Double hung window parts:

double hung window parts

There are two principal Double hung window components: the sash and the frame.

The frame:

The frame compounds of three parts:

  • The head.
  • The jambs where sash opens down.
  • The Sill: in the bottom of the frame.

The sash:

The sash compounds of three parts:

  • Stiles: the vertical parts of the sash.
  • Rails: the horizontally part of the sash. There are three parts of rails:
    • Lock rail in the center of the window.
    • Check rail in the center after tilt the lower sash, have keepers.
    • Lift rail in the bottom of the sash.
  • Glazing beds: cover the space separating the sash and the glass.

VIII- Double hung window sizes:

Standard window sizes:

double hung window sizes

double hung window sizes

Andersen windows provides 200 series available in 48 standard sizes and gives excellent windows with installation guides and additional options at affordable prices.

Custom window sizes:woodwright double hung window

double hung window sizes

400 series double hung window

double hung window sizes

IX- Double hung window cost:

The price of the window: about $ 450 – $ 600 per unit.

Installation and replacement: cost over $ 800 per installation.

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