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Home Types & Treatments Palladian Window – Details of Treatment, Limits, And Cost

Palladian Window – Details of Treatment, Limits, And Cost

What is a Palladian window?

What are advantages, features, and limits?

What does it cost replacement and installation?

What treatment suitable to its style of window (curtains, valances, etc.)?

All of these questions and subjects we answer them in this article, explaining to the homeowners how they can improve the decoration of home when to use Palladian window.

I- Palladian window definition:

palladian window


The Palladian window has an alternative name Serlian window, and also called Venetian window. In term of architecture and design, is a wide window (a group of three parts, picture windows), two side parts having square tops and the central part arched at the top.

This style of window mostly popular in the 17th and 18th century designed by the Venetian, conceived by an Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio ( 1508-1580), one of the best architects and planners in history who started using the different of style, derived his inspiration from the Ancient Greek. Andrea Palladio developed his style (Palladian style) which marked today as the evolution of Palladio’s original concepts.

II- Benefits and Features:

Palladian windows are good windows for allowing a lot of light into space, they most commonly used in million dollar houses above entry doors, French doors, in a dining room or a master bedroom.

This type of window has multitude of features and benefits:

  • Composed by columns who integrated into the frame.
  • Mostly used for living room (Main room for rest and socializing with friends and family)
  • Make a room look bigger.
  • Performs durability.
  • Brightness because it’s so wide.
  • Many Palladian windows have no shutters, but you may use curtains or valances.
  • Strong and High wood quality.
  • Classical Palladian actually is a stationary window (fixed windows) and does not perform the possibility of opening.

III- Pros:

  • They are completely gorgeous.
  • This type of window adds value to home since it makes in a ton of light and energy.
  • Views are usually dramatic.
  • With the new energy efficient glass available, it makes it doable from an energy cost standpoint.

IV- Cons:

  • Expensive to purchase and install.
  • Maintenance can be difficult and costly if they are not vinyl or cladded on the exterior.
  • Cleaning interior and exterior are probably the things most people are not likely to think about.
  • The Complexity of installation.
  • Requires professional skills and not suitable for DIY.
  • The cost of full window replacement ≈ glass replacement.

V- Palladian window replacement, cost, and limits:

The last stylish window that you’ve thought to purchase in cost is the Palladian window. This type of window is hugely expensive, I can’t imagine the massive cost of this window, but we can tell you, the most part expensive is the glass, so that we talking about 3 picture windows when the center part has an arched top.

If you have a broken glass that requires replacement or repair, actually I’m so inclined to replace the unit than replacing only the glass; the full window replacement is frequently inexpensive than the glass replacement, or maybe close.

1) Do you find your Palladian frame rot and sagging quickly?

Actually when you find yourself in this situation that comes probably from frame damage, insects, your window needs to be replaced or repaired even if your frame has probably several problems as moisture sensitive, soft the touch, but If your window still strong and has not affected by these signals, simply you need to replace the glass.

2) Palladian window prices:

Economy Budget type: start at $700 per unit.

Mid-Range and High-End: About $1000 to $2500 per unit.

The installation and replacement cost $1500- $5000 and over.

All of these costs are estimated and not specific. Getting specification details require data about location (zip code), type of project, sizes, and additional considerations.

VI- Palladian window treatment:

palladian window treatments

Despite the popularity of this window, window treatment is necessary to make a beautiful room, so today I will give you some examples and ideas help you to treat your window for big results.

As you can see in this example, we have here big Palladian window with opening door which means that curtains must be longer, curtains are harmonic with the top of window(sides of arched top)

These curved top windows have a multitude of functionality, a valance window fixed above the window which hide rod and ring system, most of that, I think the first point that catches the sight of a visitor is a valance window, it gives an excellent design, the best use of color, and the valance does not drop too low. When you treat a Palladian by using a valance, make sure you use it as this picture. You must take measurements before any treatment.

palladian window treatment in the bedroom

Do you want to be there? Yes me too 🙂

This kind of curtains is mostly used to add privacy and not let light enter the room in the morning. The idea that attracts me is the nature of curtains, despite you close them, it still allows enter the beautiful little light with blue coloring to the room.

So tell me, homeowners, what is the idea that interests you about the Palladian window?

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