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Home Types & Treatments Palladian Window Treatments, DIY Ideas No Shared Before

Palladian Window Treatments, DIY Ideas No Shared Before

Windows not only act as eyes of our homes but are also an unusual focal point in any room. Windows help us to see outside of our homes as well as gives an opportunity to outsiders to get a glimpse of our personal lives, this is why it’s important that we provide special treatment to these architectural marvels. An original Palladian window has an arched centre section that flanked by rectangular shaped mini windows on each side. One of the helpful ideas to decorate one’s home is to get Palladian window treatments that are widely different from standard window treatments because of the intricacies involved in its dressing. The concept of window dressing isn’t anything new but over time has got the increasingly uncreative because many people just don’t devote the time needed to decorate this element of their houses.

Origin of Palladian window design:

palladian window treatments

This attractive design originated during the Renaissance period, in the 1500’s, and created by an architect named Andrea Palladio in Italy. As you can understand, this design has been appointed after the artist and still continues to be prominent in recent times. What sets apart Palladian designs is its distinctive shape and curves that make it look exceptionally beautiful. Due to the sophisticated curves, dressing these windows can turn out to be quite difficult, to the detail where you may be tempted to go for a rather simplistic design, which is not made in the spirit of true Palladian origins.

Top Palladian window treatments:

Sure, these windows might be slightly a bit complicated in architecture then the regular windows, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot style it up in different ways. Follow these inspirations to make the best out of your window without spending an enormous amount of time or money.

1. Complete cover fantasy:

Palladian window coverings

This dressing makes use of pure quality curtain or drapery that is large enough to span the width of the entire window. Get started by hanging a rod high enough to emphasize the height of the arched position. The ideal height is 2 inches beneath the ceiling trim unless your ceiling has a vaulted design. Make sure to choose a rod large enough to open the treatment without getting in the way glass on each side by more than 2 inches.

Draperies are generally easier to open on tall Palladian windows because you get to open them using side-mounted rods as they’re hanging from traversing rods. If curtains are your style, go for those that have flat panel hanging from brings. Don’t go for tie and tab top headings unless you want to draw attention from your window’s arch.

2. Split style ecstacy:

palladian window treatments

If your primary concern is to cover the parts of the window that are covered by human heights, it’s better to leave the arch not covered. This is a quick solution that works best if there exists a strip of molding in between the straight and asked portions of the section in the centre. Install a traverse rod or a straight pole that spans across the whole molding strip which divides the part. Then, go on and hang a single pair of drapery panels or curtains, depending upon the type of road you have chosen, which efficiently opens from the centre. The panels that look best out of floor length and since you’ve already decided to make a visual split of the windows, keep in mind that boards shorter in length gives an appearance of the window being short as well. Keep this in mind to provide a cluster free and elegant look.

3. The solid curve:

palladian window treatment ideas

If you want flowing draperies or floor-length curtains that give a hint of window shape even when it’s closed, then you need to get an arched rod having two straight ends. Dress up the arched to a section located at the centre with a pair of panels with single panels on each side of the straight ends. Be it draperies are curtains; these headings should remain in a fixed position on the rod, and closed the entire time. You can also install gorgeous tiebacks to open them at day time, and ensure the single panels open away from the centre of the rod. This is another simplistic Palladian window coverings and dressing that you can do by yourself.

4. The inner temptation:

ideas for palladian window treatments

If you want to show off the woodwork of your windows or when you don’t want a lot of flowing curtains are draperies, the best way to go about dressing would be to go for treatment which is installed inside of each sections frame. For a customized look covering the whole window, go for blinds are shutters tailor made to fit the arch. With these custom blinds, it is easier to adjust the sections that lay on each side, the arch and the centre part individually. Louvered shutters facilitate independent adjustment, but you can also use them to swing it open and close it. If fabric shades are what you desire, then mount them on the rear windows and lower section of the centre while leaving the arch uncovered.

Quick Way to Dress up A Palladian Window:

If the above-mentioned dressing designs sound complicated for you, then you can go for the simplest version by just hanging the soft shade of that follows the curve of your windows. Top it up with matching shades on adjacent windows and use curtains of similar color as of the walls so that it perfectly blends itself rather than drawing attention. It is true that dressing the state of windows can prove to be challenging, but with some expert Tips and Suggestions you can definitely spice up or dressed down your favorite Palladian architecture all by yourself.

Window treatment ideas during festive seasons:

Window treatment ideas during festive seasons

Let’s move on from windows for a while and concentrate purely on other areas of window treatment. During festive seasons like Christmas or Easter, people like to dress up their windows in colors of festivity. Why not use this opportunity to learn few new ways to dress up your windows that will leave people spellbound. Following are some of the popular ways you can turn your regular windows to something extraordinary.

1. Using Christmas Wreaths:

palladian window treatments using christmas wreaths

While many people are of the opinion that reads are just for doors, you can try to hang them on your windows so that it is visible to people inside and out. Be it traditional or contemporary style wreaths, the best feature about these are that it can be hung outside for visitors to enjoy. This adds an instantly festive mood to any room if hung on the inside, without making too much of clutter.



2. Using flowers and foliage:

palladian window treatments using flowers

One more efficient way of dressing a window is by using natural flowers and foliage like mistletoe, pine or Holly. You can gather these items from the lap of nature during the festive season, and they tend to stay fresh for a couple of weeks. Buying artificial foliage is also a good option as they look just like the real thing and are easily available in markets.

3. Attractive baubles:

palladian window treatments with attractive baubles

Did you know that baubles are not only suitable for hanging on trees but can also be an excellent addition to the windows as well? Next time, try hanging baubles of different lengths and in various colors from the pole of your curtains to add sparkle to the festive season. This is incredibly easy to do, and no prior experience is required whatsoever.

What The benefit of Palladian Window Treatments?

Window treating helps a great deal to add decorative levity to any room, not only physically but also metaphorically. The draperies and curtains you use can figuratively adopt its theme from other elements present in the room and give it a newfound liveliness that was previously missing. By adorning windows, the room is enhanced in many ways and helps in turning your house into a home that even visitors won’t stop admiring.

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