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Home Types & Treatments Bow Window Vs Bay Window – Full Details With Pros & Cons

Bow Window Vs Bay Window – Full Details With Pros & Cons

Today, I’m so excited to discuss on an important subject that many homeowners send me lots of questions about it. Most questions often talk of the bay and bow window, and many people have no idea about them, most of that, they can’t distinguish between these two different windows and the features of each type, and also which one is the best choice that satisfies their needs on a friendly budget. These two types of windows are very similar in term of functionality and design, but there are several variations between them.

In this post, we will discuss together on:

1) What is a bay and bow window?

2) The difference in functionality and design.

3) Benefits and features.

4) Window prices.

5) Window costs.

When we start planning the decoration of our home interior, the first point that we focus on is the room space and the type of window, so actually bay and bow window fulfil this mission, they improve your interior design while give you more space, add a great look and extend your view of landscapes and outdoors, allow more light, provide an ideal area to growth your flowers and also the possibility to treat your window with various designs (blinds, valances, curtains, etc.)

Bay and bow window – what is the difference and which one finest on price, easy for installation, and quickly for replacement

I- What is a bow window:

bow window

Bow window or compass window contains more parts, maybe 4, 5 or 6 parts that curve progressively which gives more space even if you room is not larger, it combine 4, 5 or 6 casement windows that arranged and mixed to make an arch, most of that, it allows more light actually because it has more glass panes.

Inside angles: 10-degree projections (for casement bow window)

casement bow window

II- What is a bay window:

bay window

A window that contains three openings parts characterized by the inside angles that are 30, 45 and 90-degree projections (for casement, tilt-wash, and WOODWRIGHT double-hung bay window), it consists of two smaller windows (window casements) and the central larger window (picture window).

1) Casement bay window:

casement bay window

2) Tilt-wash double-hung:

tilt-wash double hung bay window

3) WOODWRIGHT double-hung:

WOODWRIGHT double hung bay window 30 and 45 degree

III- The difference in functionality and design:

Bay windowBow window
3 panelsMore than 3 panels
Availability of forms and multitude of stylesThe absence of styles and multitude of forms
Commonly used for the contemporary homeUsed for any home architecture.
Allows more lightAllows less lighter
Broad and very costlyNot very expensive
Maximizes airflowNot maximizes airflow

IV- Benefits and features:

We can resume the benefits of these two kinds of beautiful as follows:

    • Multitude exterior colors.
    • Energy-efficient windows.
    • High-performance glass whatever the climate.
    • Naturel and high-quality wood.

bay and bow window glass

  • Some companies and manufacturers provide Low ELR option which means low reflectance coating to Low E glass.
  • Remember that before you choose the decorative glass that will fit your needs, make sure is compatible with the bay or bow window you have. Consult your dealer to get more recommendations.

Decorative glass from Marvin:

bay and bow window glass options

bay and bow window glass options

V- Bow window prices:

Bow window cost ≈ 1.5-2.5 x cost of bay in the same size; which means it very expensive, the reason is that:

  • Not a single window.
  • The Complexity of installation.
  • Wide.
  • Material costs.
  • High-Replacement costs.

The average cost of typical window ≈ $ 1500 – $ 3200.

VI- Bay window prices:

The price and cost of this window style are considerably different than bow window.

1) The price including wood framing: between $ 1000 and $ 1743 per unit without adding upgrades, transport, labor costs, and taxes.

2) Upgrades and additional costs:

  • Supplies and tools: about $ 52- $ 61 for better window quality.
  • Labor costs (time for the job, cleanup, installation, and fabrication): about $30 – $40 per hour without replacement or roofing upgrade.

VII- Cost advices:

#1. Homeowners should have all data of any issues repair, modifications or any upgrade costs. Any additional cost most is considerable and reasonable.

#2. The installation and replacement of these window styles may not be proper for DIY, principally for this type of window, it requires professional tools and carpentry skills to avoid any installation and replacement mistakes that lose you money, effort and time which can prevent you to achieve your homework properly.

#3. Keep in mind that the installation cost of these windows can change significantly by location, to get more specifications about installation costs, you may use zip code choosing the best vendor of windows that provide offers discounts available in your rental.

#4. Best way to save project cost is to compare offers by combining a multitude of factors as:

  • Price comparison.
  • Quality product.
  • Service.
  • Guide documents.
  • Energy efficient glass system.
  • The vendor offers some coupons?
  • Free shipping.
  • Cheap labor costs.
  • The amount of taxes.

#5. Obtain bids from suppliers are great idea to economize your budget.

#6. HDI Home Decor suggests every homeowner want to save on material costs to go shopping online, many websites provide deals, coupons, and free shipping. Getting discount is the best solution for you.

#7. If you have many windows that require replacement, it is better to replace them on same to benefit certain discounts.

I hope that you get more ideas with explanations, and you understand the major differences between these two kinds of home windows. See you the next post with another topic. If you have any question, opinions or maybe you don’t know something, leave a comment and we answer to you as fast and possible.

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