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Home Types & Treatments Awning Window: Your Guide To Make The Best Choice

Awning Window: Your Guide To Make The Best Choice

Do you want to purchase an awning window but you are confused with many awning styles and types in the marketplace, or maybe you found it hugely expensive and you wish to have discounts saving your budget?

No more expensive awning windows today because we will discuss together on big tips for choosing a window that combines low price with a high of functionality.

Before highlighting the ideas and tips for choosing the window on a budget, the first part, we’ll present to you a little definition and what are window characteristics, benefits, parts, sizes that we’ll make it special than different window types we talked about previously.

I- Awning window definition:

awning window

A rectangular and wider window hinged at the top, opened vertically and swings outward by using an operator, but do you know the difference between awning and casement window? Many homeowners when they want to purchase this type of window, they don’t believe they are buying the casement window, so keep in mind that the latter opens a full 90 degrees, but the awning style window doesn’t design to open a full 90 degrees, it can be opened to 45 degrees or less.

II- Awning window hardware & parts:

awning window hardware

  1. Top interior stop.
  2. Side stop.
  3. Operator cover.
  4. Handle.
  5. Window arm operator.
  6. Bottom interior stop.
  7. Handle lock internal.
  8. Lock Switch Bezel.
  9. Internal window lock.
  10. Side stop.
  11. Bar window operator.
  12. Window Keepers.
  13. Window sash.
  14. Snugger kit.
  15. Removable grille.
  16. Grille fastener.

awning window parts

  1. Insect screen clip.
  2. Window frame.
  3. Window Hinges.
  4. Insect screen clip.
  5. Installation flange.
  6. Weather-strip.
  7. Glazing beds.
  8. Water bar.
Remember: The awning window hardware & components can be changed, depending on style, hardware options or any other considerations, maybe you can find all of these options available, or maybe not, for example, some manufacturers add thermal breaks to the aluminum window for adding energy efficient and other manufacturers are not provide this option automatically.

III- Awning window features, pros, and cons:

The awning window as other types of windows has some unique characteristics:

  • Hinged at the top which enables ventilation without letting rain or leaves enter the room.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Durable and resistant to cracking.
  • The best solution for the small room since it does not require more space.
  • Has three glazing types: single, double, and triple pane, which the last provides 53%-73% more energy efficient than other glazing types.
  • Mostly used in the basements because it’s small and easy for installation.
  • Usually is the best choice to allows more air when placed above or the bottom of the stationary window (fixed and non-operable window), but you can use it for casements, double hungs, sliding windows, etc.
  • Several of colors (dark bronze, black, white, red rock…).

3 Frame materials –pros and cons:

1) Vinyl window:

  • Best energy efficient.
  • Not allows painting.
  • Performs high resistance of cracking and moisture.

2) Aluminum window:

  • Several problems of energy.
  • Not recommended for cold regions.
  • Allows painting, but it can fade over time.

3) Wood window:

  • Highly energy efficient.
  • Performs durability and provides a multitude of colors.
  • High expensive depending on product, size, and hardware options, etc.

IV- Awning window sizes:

awning window sizes

Before you purchase a window, make sure that you take correct measurements width and height to avoid any installation issues or additional costs, to do that correctly, many brands and manufacturers as Andersenwindows, Pella, and Marvin have installation guides, technical documents, and window sizes who facilitate the determination of measures (custom and standard sizing) and method of installation.

V- Awning window prices:

This type of window contains several models, styles which mean that price varies depending on size, additional options, brand, glazing type, frame material (wood, vinyl, and aluminum) and other many factors, we can estimate the cost average between $ 300 and $ 1000.

There are also some windows cost more $ 1,000 which provide many additional options such as Low E glass, triple pane, etc.

The decision that you make to purchase a cheaper awning window isn’t always the best choice for you, frequently in the long term, even if you buy it, it will be necessary to take massive of repairs for protection, or it may crack over time while you find yourself spend more money, time, and effort. Don’t take this wrong, HDI Home Decor do not suggest buying an expensive window because it requires a big budget and many additional options are perhaps not necessary.

Here are some quick tips help you make clear choice of awning window:

  • Before you choose a window that will keep your home comfortable, you should do market research by asking the experts which one is best? What about features and options? Where this type of window manufactured? How long is durable and protected against cracking? The market search is required for your project.
  • Don’t rely on a contractor to choose.
  • Vinyl and wood window are the best, but you can choose the economic window as Cellular PVC.
  • Make sure you buy a popular window. If your window has some issues, you can easily find all hardware options you need at an affordable price; in other terms, popular windows are much likely in term of price than other types.
  • Take measurements helps you detect which window you will purchase, many companies provide a standard and custom windows but opting for custom windows will enhance the cost, in this case, check out if there is a standard window compatible with your measurements, if you don’t find it, you should take the custom windows even if there are no more standard windows from other producers.

Share with us your ideas by leaving a comment. Do you have a question? We have the answer that you’re looking for.

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